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Familiarity with your company’s overall strategy is the foundation of a well-implemented quality management system. If you know where you want your organisation to go you can better plan for how you will provide products and services that meet your customer needs and improve the overall satisfaction of your customers. Tracking your company strategy allows you to better implement a quality management system that will work for your unique company needs.

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Effivity allows you to integrate overall company strategy planning into your quality management system activities. In this way, you can ensure that the planning you do towards quality process improvements and streamlining is aligned with your company strategy for the future.

Capture company strategy within Effivity to improve quality management by:

  • Communicating company strategy to the necessary persons
  • Aligning quality management tasks to overall company strategy
  • Maintaining centralized control over strategy and quality management information
  • Ensuring your quality management activities will work towards strategic goals

Effivity takes the guesswork out of quality management planning initiatives by aligning your activities with the company’s overall strategic goals. Make sure that your quality management system works toward your company’s goals with Effivity.

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