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In order to run your business, you need to know that your processes, products and services are meeting their expected deliverable requirements. To do this you need to perform monitoring and measurement activities. However, managing all your monitoring and measurement activities can quickly become overwhelming, causing confusion about what has been done, what still needs to be done and if any actions are needed from the data review. Having one easy to access dashboard for all your monitoring and measurement activities can help make this happen, and Effivity is the place to turn for this level of control.

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With Effivity you can easily identify monitoring and measurement needs, assess at a glance what tasks have been completed, and monitor your data for any trends that need to be addressed.

The Effivity software for monitoring and measurement allows you to:

  • Identify all areas of monitoring and measurement
  • Easily record monitoring and measurements data
  • Track activities at a glance to learn status
  • Maintain easily accessible and audit ready records of monitoring and measurement
  • Assess trends in the data that could lead to improvements
  • Link monitoring and measurement trends to corrective action or improvement tasks
  • Track improvement tasks to completion

Effivity makes it easy to control all of your monitoring and measurement activities so you don’t need to worry about missing any activities or losing data. Know you have everything covered in your monitoring and measurement activities with the help of Effivity.

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