Ergonomics Analysis Management

Ergonomics is on the forefront of improving workplace health by preventing injuries caused by long term exposure to tasks that can cause injury over time. Ergonomics includes improving the posture of employees and reducing repetitive tasks that stress joints, but it is so much more than having the right chair and having employees take regular breaks from a repetitive job task.

Integrating ergonomic data into your overall health and safety strategy can help to prevent ergonomic injuries and reduce worker time off due to long term issues with job tasks. You can reduce the number and severity of lost time due to ergonomic injuries and illnesses by analysing the ergonomic assessments of your job tasks for improvements.

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Ergonomic improvement means reduced lost time

Effivity allows you to maintain centralized data on ergonomic hazards and risks so that you can assess the improvements needed for different job tasks across the entire organisation. Using standard methodologies for ergonomic assessment, such as Rapid Entire Body Assessment or Job Strain Index, you can ensure that your assessment of ergonomic risks is correct and will provide benefits.

The ergonomics analysis software within Effivity will help prevent ergonomic injuries by:

  • Identifying ergonomic risks in standardized ways
  • Maintaining all ergonomic data in one place for easy analysis
  • Calculating the risk level of various job activities
  • Prioritizing ergonomic risks for scheduled improvements
  • Tracking improvement in ergonomic risks and hazards
  • Addressing ergonomic risks through a standardized approach
  • Reducing the number and severity of ergonomic injuries and lost time

Effivity allows you to take control of your ergonomic assessment and risk reduction activities with a standardized approach based on methodologies that are well understood in the ergonomics community. Prevent ergonomic injuries such as repetitive strain injuries or musculoskeletal disorders through an assessment and risk reduction process that works.

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