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Your efforts to control and improve your processes through monitoring & measurement are only as good as the equipment you use to perform your measurements, and ensuring they are calibrated can be a troublesome task to handle. Calibration is the routine check of measurement equipment to make sure it measures accurately, which means you need to know what equipment you have, when it needs to be checked, and how to ensure calibration in a timely manner. What you need to keep your measurement equipment calibration up to date is to be able to easily record that calibration is completed, including results for audit purposes.

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Worry-free calibration management

With Effivity you can easily track where your measurement equipment is assigned so you can easily find it when the time comes to perform calibration checks. With an easy to use tool, you can also keep track of calibration records and any actions taken to correct inaccurate calibration of equipment, including links to re-verify products and services measured since the last calibration.

Use the Effivity calibration management software to:

  • Keep track of the location of measurement equipment
  • Define calibration plan and schedule.
  • Get reminders for due calibration.
  • Capture calibration data, updates, reports and related information
  • Keep track of calibration schedules for individual equipment
  • Maintain audit records of calibration actions
  • Track tasks to correct equipment when measurement errors occur
  • Ensure timely re-calibration of measurement equipment

Effivity takes the hassle out of keeping track of your measurement equipment and the calibration schedule necessary to maintain the accuracy of the measurements. You can keep your equipment accurately calibrated in a timely fashion. Never worry again that you will miss an important measurement because your equipment is not available due to calibration issues. Get Effivity today.

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