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Effivity is your best choice for ISO 9001:2015 implementation, maintenance and certification

  • Get ISO 9001 certified quickly with our automated workflow, predefined library of compliance requirements, 24 X 7 support and free consults with our expert ISO consultants.
  • We make ISO 9001 certification a cost-effective affair. Our prices are affordable and competitive. Pay per user and no initial IT infrastructure, hardware / software or database expenses are required.
  • Effivity is the one and only ISO 9001 software that offers much more than you expected from a typical QMS software. It is designed and developed by seasoned ISO 9001 specialists who have implemented it across industries spanning the globe for decades.
  • Effivity makes everything electronic, and you don't have to struggle with piles of papers. A smart way of implementing ISO 9001 indeed.
  • Cloud-based technology increases accessibility, reliability and cost-efficiency.
  • User-friendly interfaces for everyone.
  • All records and compliances available at the click of a mouse makes Effivity more productive and employee-friendly.
  • We lower costs and time required to achieve certification.
  • Post-certification, manage compliance effortlessly, easily and in real time.
  • Our backend team is available to you round-the-clock to assist and manage process documentation, standardization, auditing, and compliance.

Let Effivity make your QMS journey truly hassle-free and simple

Implementation of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System must be a strategic initiative, and QMS must merge seamlessly with the existing business processes of the organisation to satisfy the needs and expectations of all interested parties. With Effivity – ISO 9001 software, your organisation can plan, implement, maintain and improve QMS. Effivity is a comprehensive compliance management software that simplifies quality and compliance management across the organisation. It is recognized as one of the best governance, risk and compliance enterprise solutions to redefine the way organisations across the globe manage their ISO 9001 quality management system.

Comply with all requirements of ISO 9001:2015 with Effivity…easily, consistently and completely

Implementing a result-oriented quality management system is not just about meeting the minimum requirements, but also about making your processes streamlined and lean to improve your operational efficiency. By making your processes better you not only achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, you also increase your customer satisfaction, reduce customer complaints, enhance process performance, achieve long term business strategies, align ISO 9001 QMS to your strategic goals and manage business dynamics better. With so many benefits to be derived from a well-planned, implemented and managed quality management system, you need the right tool to make it happen.

Make it happen with Effivity

Managing your quality management system is easy with Effivity. Start a free trial today

Managing your quality management system is easy with Effivity.

Most of the time, organisations experience a big vacuum between strategic direction and their quality management system. With Effivity you can ensure you have a unified management system organisation to transform strategy into clearly defined policy, policy into measurable goals and goals into individual KPIs.

You can carry out business environment review, carry out Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat (SWOT) analysis, and execute Political, Environmental, Social, Technological, and Legal (PESTL) analysis while identifying internal external issues. You can identify all interested parties, their needs and expectations, and the risks associated with them with Effivity.

Create and define corporate policies, unit level and functional policy, quality policy, quality objectives, objective achievement plan and KPI and performance indicators to establish a dynamic and performance-oriented work culture in the organisation. With the intuitive work flow of Effivity, bridging the gap between strategy and operations has never been so evolved, comprehensive and result oriented.

Mature and optimize your business processes to supercharge your growth and profitability

It is said that if you want to improve operations and sustain growth, you need to manage your processes effectively. Effivity gives you an easy to use yet comprehensive enough system to plan-execute-check and improve your processes through our world class process definition feature.

Identify processes and critical processes affecting your business performance, customer satisfaction and output quality with our ISO 9001 software. You can capture details like process input, process responsibility and accountability, knowledge required for the process, process output, risks associated with the process and process effectiveness parameters along with creating your procedure, SOP and process descriptions.

Inbuilt approval flow ensures processes are reviewed and approved by an authorized employee and are available to all users for use post-approval with inbuilt revision and version control.

Mitigate risk while reducing process deviations, non-conformities and customer complaints to increase business performance

One of the best ways to increase operational efficiency is to identify problems and improvement opportunities in your processes and to correct those problems by identifying and eliminating the root cause. By finding and correcting problems you can reduce your errors and increase your profitability. While many companies have difficulty finding success with corrective actions, the Effivity software has an easy to use tool to identify root cause and track your corrective action plans to completion to ensure effective problem resolution.

A comprehensive governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) software, Effivity enables organisations to manage governance – risk – compliance in a unified and robust manner. You can initiate and grow a well-defined “risk-based thinking” approach in the organisation to identify and mitigate risks arising from internal and external issues, interested parties, processes and stakeholders. Opportunities and improvements can also be identified and a plan or set of actions can be defined and tracked to evaluate actions toward management of risks and opportunities.

Never miss a potential business opportunity and manage your enquiries, leads and customers easily to enhance your sales, marketing and CRM performance

If you grab a business opportunity, your competitors will be waiting. Don’t let another deal or potential contract slip away because it was either not reviewed, analyzed or followed up properly.

With Effivity you can capture leads, categorize business opportunities, set auto reminders for follow-ups, carry out project feasibility reviews (Go – No Go analysis), carry out rigorous follow-ups and close more deals. Also demonstrate your customer-centric business process by collecting customer feedback to measure customer satisfaction and manage customer complaints with our award-winning ISO software with inbuilt sales, marketing and CRM software functionalities to reach compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard related to customer processes.

A penny saved is a penny earned - Automate, streamline and augment your purchasing process

Effective supplier and outsourced partner management ensures we meet our delivery deadlines with minimum disruptions due to delays, inferior or noncompliant products and services and poor coordination.

Manage your suppliers in the most effective manner using the initial supplier evaluation and approval feature of Effivity to generate a database of approved suppliers. Capture and track purchase orders, carry out supplier re-evaluation and auto analyse supplier performance using the comprehensive features found in the Purchasing module.

See how continual improvement can work for you

One of the main goals of implementing a quality management system is to improve your processes in order to better deliver your products and services. By monitoring your processes, you can identify and verify process improvements designed to make processes better. The Effivity software makes it easy to not only monitor your processes, but to also identify plans for improvement and to track these planned changes to a successful conclusion.

  • Improvement

Enhance productivity of your assets and equipment - Reduce downtime and improve confidence

Make quality your first priority

A desire to improve your products, services and processes is not enough. You also need everyone in your organisation working towards one goal in a systematic way. With an ISO 9001 quality management system, this is accomplished with a quality policy, quality objectives, key performance indicators and training. With Effivity you have a quick and simple way to manage the creation, dissemination and tracking of all the necessary information required to ensure your team is fully trained and aware of the information necessary to make your quality management system work.

Employees are your biggest asset - Enhance employee skills, competence and performance with Effivity

Recruiting, onboarding, training, managing skills and competences of employees and ensuring correct HR policies in line with the strategic direction of the organisation goes a long way in creating a winning organisational culture.

With Effivity, you can define roles, responsibilities and authority for all employees. You can identify the ideal competence required for a particular position and map it with the current competences of your employees to identify gaps in competence and skill augmentation possibilities. Effivity allows you to convert identified training needs into a training plan, to capture training records and to carry out effective training evaluations.

Managing Human Resources compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard is simple and easy with Effivity.

Centralize your documented information to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability

Keeping track of records can be one of the biggest difficulties of a quality management system and also one of the most important functions of the system. Your employees need to be able to easily access the information required to perform their jobs, and you need to be able to monitor and review your process records to ensure continued compliance with requirements and to assess the effectiveness of improvement activities. This is where Effivity makes management of documented information easy with centralized access to your information from any computer with protected access.

Optimize your QHSE Compliance

Understand how Effivity can help you save more money, time and resources.

Evaluate, improve and review your quality management system

The powerful features of Effivity enable organisations to plan, schedule, execute and report internal audits, providing a 360-degree overview of quality management system effectiveness. Our most popular and globally acclaimed “internal audit checklist” tool provides a fantastic opportunity to either use pre-defined checklists or to create your own internal audit checklists. You can capture internal audit findings, observations and non-conformities online, assign them to an employee and monitor actions taken.

Management reviews can be scheduled, conducted and reported. The auto communication feature enables timely notifications and reminders to all stakeholders. Actions against each management review can be identified, assigned and tracked using Effivity to ensure your management reviews take a holistic view of your QMS, EMS, OHSAS, FSMS and SMS to ensure achievement of organisational goals and alignment with strategic direction.

Implementing a world-class quality management system is simple with Effivity. Start a free trial now

ISO 9001 software for your quality management system

Managing the necessary elements of your quality management system becomes an effortless process with Effivity. With full control over your information you can quickly store, monitor, measure and update your records for all of your quality management system processes.

Effivity makes it simple to:

  • Comply with the ISO 9001 internationally recognized standard
  • Plan and disseminate the necessary information for operational control
  • Track your efforts when implementing your plans; monitor your activity
  • Easily check the status of your system through auditing and data analysis
  • Act on your information and track continual improvement plans to completion

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