In the nuclear industry, the key-concept is reliability which equates to high sustainability, security and safety. Effivity QMS and HSE Management software solution facilitates the industry in realizing this key-concept and become as a software of preference for implementation and maintenance of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 standards and certification.

Quality Management System ISO 9001 for nuclear industry with Effivity

  • Effivity QMS software solution enables the nuclear industry to achieve required level of standardization as per regulatory guidelines and standards. Make accurate information available to the right people at the right time with the Documented Information and Communications module, ensuring the right decisions are made.
  • Manage projects in the nuclear industry with a considerable degree of security, control and effective document management by with Effivity QMS solution and taking advantage of:
    • the Design and Development module in scoping the required works,
    • the Purchasing module in selecting suppliers/vendors and evaluating their capabilities
    • the Operations module in planning, validating and monitoring project processes and activities
  • Overcome the social acceptance challenge of the nuclear industry by identifying and addressing the requirements and expectation of stakeholders with Effivity QMS solution Context of Organization module. Have an overall risk picture of the facility and its operation by employing the Risk and Opportunities module. Dispel the perception of nuclear facilities as risk in the community by demonstrating effective regulatory compliance. The Compliance obligation module of Effivity HSE Management permits a straightforward process in managing compliance.

Environment Management System ISO 14001 for nuclear industry with Effivity

  • Exhibit sound environmental management and leadership in the nuclear industry by establishing a comprehensive and effective environmental management with Effivity HSE Management solution as the implementation tool. The organizations are now empowered to manage land and biodiversity, Identify, monitor and control solid waste and discharges to the environment, and the ability to recognize the carbon footprint of processes. 
  • The Compliance Obligation of Effivity HSE Management enables the nuclear industry to improve or maintain a very high level of regulatory compliance conveniently determine regulatory, statutory, legal and local requirements, it also ensures that the required documentations are well in place.

Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001 for nuclear industry with Effivity

  • Manage change effectively with Effivity QMS and HSE Management solution, identify operational or engineered changes to the facility that have the highest potential to degrade safety, do not meet the required standards or are not properly implemented. Have an efficient system that permits the nuclear industry to inspect/investigate proposed facility changes before being enforced.
  • Effivity HSE management solution allows the nuclear industry to readily establish measurable indicators of safety performance. The Performance Evaluation module conveniently aids the organization in establishing key performance indicators and conducting objective assessments over implemented safety initiatives. Take advantage of the Report and Analysis module of Effivity QMS for the processing of compiled data into reports, summaries and recommendations which is integral for line management function.
  • Monitor safety performance in the nuclear industry by using the Effivity HSE Management System. The HSE Operation and Performance Evaluation module permits early detection of any deterioration of performance and likewise supports in determining enhancements of operational performance and safety.

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