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When things go wrong it’s important to identify and remedy the situation as quickly as possible to maintain overall customer satisfaction. Superior customer complaint management is one way to help alleviate a decrease in customer satisfaction caused by problems. Since nothing is worse for a customer than having a complaint seemingly ignored, you want to ensure that your system will manage each complaint from start to finish so nothing is ignored or lost, and your customer’s concerns are addressed to their satisfaction.

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Improved complaint management for better customer satisfaction

Finding the right tool to track your customer complaints can be the difference between a customer annoyed at their response time and a customer who feels you’ve helped them when they were in trouble. Sometimes you can retain your customer base by simply addressing customer concerns in an adequate fashion without delay, and Effivity helps make this happen.

Effivity improves customer satisfaction through the complaints process by:

  • Tracking each complaint from receipt to successful completion
  • Managing complaint resolution planning, correction, root cause analysis, corrective actions and effective evaluation of the corrective actions for various complaints.
  • Graphical analysis and dashboards about complaint life cycle analysis
  • Ensuring that timelines are met for complaint tasks
  • Scheduling customer follow-up throughout the complaint cycle
  • Maintaining centralized control of complaint data so complaints aren’t lost
  • Securing easy employee handover of complaints when necessary
  • Allowing easy review of complaint status

Effivity makes it easy to handle complaints from start to finish, allowing for continuity of experience for customers. Make sure your customers experience a satisfactory complaint resolution process with the simple complaint management software Effivity.

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