The chemical industry creates an immense variety of products which impinge on virtually every aspect of our lives. With increasing competition worldwide, Effivity QMS and HSE Management software solution supports the chemical industry to satisfy its increasingly sophisticated, demanding and environmentally-conscious consumers by partnering ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 implementation using our cloud based software Effivity.

Quality Management System ISO 9001 for chemical companies with Effivity

  • Effivity QMS solution allows the chemical industry to maintain an efficient and stringent manufacturing process, capture data from operational processes, track individual lots / batches from procurement through manufacturing and into the finished goods supply chain.
  • Comply with all regulations, anticipate the deviations and flows of regulatory compliance, and guarantee full transparency in the operations of a chemical company by using the Compliance Obligation module of Effivity HSE Management and QMS module.
  • Respond quickly for any inquiries and be prepared in handling the increased scrutiny from recalls and quality audits; Effivity QMS supports the chemical industry in efficiently managing the supply chain, integrate and process vast amount of data into unambiguous and accessible information across the business.
  • Effivity QMS solution promotes the reduction of the costs of non-compliance by in the chemical industry.  Maintain product quality characteristics, control over processes and mitigate off-specs materials with the Operations and Quality modules.
  • HR, sales, purchase, design, quality, operations, equipment & asset management modules cover the entire activities of an organization into chemical manufacturing, supply or trading business and help them standardize processes and achieve customer satisfaction while managing business risks effectively.

Environment Management System ISO 14001 / RC 14001 for chemical companies with Effivity

  • Effivity HSE Management facilitates the organization in exhibiting “Green Compliance”; efficiently plan processes and define activities that produce waste, scrap and by-product, map and identify the amount of waste and by-product generated by the process and optimize production settings to comply with standards in place.
  • Define, communicate and institutionalize environment policy.
  • Establish SMART objectives, plan achievement of environment objectives, track achievement against these objectives using policy and objectives module of Effivity.
  • Manage 100% compliance obligations in time and never miss a mandatory / required approval with intelligent & automated compliance obligations module.
  • Be 100% prepared for unwarranted incidents and emergencies. Define, document, train, test and improve emergency preparedness of the organization.

Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001 for chemical companies with Effivity

  • Effivity HSE Management solution provides the risk management tool to the chemical industry to assess the quantitative risk of incidents throughout the organization’s processes. Associate incidents to corrective actions and change management processes. Readily administer and measure compliance and execute organizational change.
  • Enhance competitiveness; intensify the culture of compliance and operational excellence. Effivity QMS and HSE Management solution enables the organization in the chemical industry to expand in its ability to produce unified and timely reports and analytics to support the workforce, generate alternatives and reinforce decision making.
  • Prevent the occurrence of a catastrophic incident and mitigate its consequences. Effivity HSE Management solution allows the chemical industry to properly manage risk and the necessary measures to be put in place to prevent major accidents and to protect people from harmful repercussions.

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