Information Security Management Software – ISO 27001 ISMS software

What is Information Security?

Information security is ensuring CIA – confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information that is being generated, processed, stored, transmitted, or managed by the organization.

Information is an asset and organization must be able to safeguard the information. With the increased digitization and connected world, organizations must ensure information security.

How to get the best from your information security management system?

A formal management system consisting of policies, procedures, objectives, document control, information security controls, risk identification and risk mitigation, internal audits, and management review to safeguard the information and its CIA is called as information security management system.

Managing the information security management system manually posses a lot of challenges in terms of efficiency, employee involvement and overall effectiveness. Effivity offers a unique approach to automate, simplify and improve your information security management system.

What does Effivity Information Security Management Software offer?

Effivity Information Security Management Software ISMS software offers everything you need to implement, maintain, and improve your ISO 27001 based ISMS. Either you are starting ISMS implementation from scratch or you already have an existing ISMS system, let Effivity demonstrate the power of a workflow based & 100% customizable BPMN based software to drive the productivity up.

With Effivity Information Security Management Software, you can…

  • Streamline all your Information Security Management System requirements.
  • Create your own processes and workflow for risk assessment, ISMS policy and objective management, ISMS compliance obligation, business continuity planning and response, information security incident management, ISMS KPI and performance management and ISMS internal audit management
  • Generate and manage an inventory of information assets
  • Identity applicable information security control, control measures and related risks.
  • Automate your Statement of Applicability generation
  • Customise forms, fields, reports, approvals, notifications and more with code-free ISMS business process modelling framework based on BPMN standards
  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders for effective ISMS communication
  • Comply with internal standards like ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 including any other contractual / regulatory information security compliance.
  • Ensure transparency, clarity and integrity of operations
  • Augment your ISMS performance and minimise ISMS incidents
  • Benefit from our pre-configured workflows and modules benchmarked to the best international ISMS practices.

Effivity – the best ISO 27001 software offers the below modules / functionalities for your ISMS compliance.

Our software covers all the modules that are required to implement, certify and maintain an effective ISMS for meeting the requirements of ISO 27001.

Context of Organization

Identify the context of your ISMS including internal issues, external issues, and stakeholders. Identity the risks related to them.Read More

Policy & Objectives

Develop your ISO 27001 ISMS policy, develop SMART ISO 27001 ISMS objectives, make plan to achieve them and track achievement. Read More

Roles-responsibility-authority, competence, and training

Define roles, responsibilities, and authority for each employee for the ISMS in the organization. Determine ideal competence and map it with actual competence of the employees to find the gaps in competence. Schedule ISMS training through the system with automatic notification and end up by capturing training attendance and ISMS training effectiveness evaluation.

ISMS Processes & SOPs

Identify processes that you need to establish for an effective ISMS implementation. Develops the SOPs, get them approved and implement access control to ensure only privileged employees them on demand. Implement a change control workflow when required. Determine ISMS risks specific to these processes.

Human Resources

Manage all your human resources related compliance requirements in this module including ISO standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, HACCP, ISO 13485, AS 9100 D, ISO 17025, ISO 17020, IATF 16949, ISO 22716, etc. Define your organizational structure by creating roles, departments, designations and employees. Define roles, responsibilities, authorities and minimum and/or ideal competence. Manage competence analysis and training.Read More

Information Security Assets

Capture information security assets you have in the organization. Determine ISMS risks specific to these assets.

ISMS risk assessment & controls

Initiate a formal ISMS risk assessment, categorize, and evaluate the risks. Identify existing controls and new controls to be implemented on the risks to bring them under control. Carry our risk re-assessment and demonstrate the improvements you have made over the months on managing risks.

SOA generation

Identify appropriate controls from the available 114 information security controls, justify their inclusion / exclusion and automatically generate a formal SOA ready for use.

Optimize your ISMS Compliance

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Using Effivity ISO 27001 software, organizations can benefit from automated workflow, reminders and powerful report generation capabilities of the software that also generates powerful dashboards in real-time.

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