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Organization must regularly review the status of their quality – health & safety – environment management system in order to ensure it is effectively implemented as well as to assign resources to maintain and improve the business processes.

When it’s easy to record the efforts of management to review and assess the system, you will find that resources are accurately assigned, and improvements are easily identified throughout your organisation. Effivity provides a better way to monitor and maintain your management review activities.

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Management review software to promote improvements

With Effivity you have an easy way to schedule and maintain records of all your management review activities to ensure actions are addressed and nothing is lost in your efforts to maintain your management system.

The management review software within Effivity allows you to:

  • Quickly and simply record all management review activities
  • Track management review tasks including review input, agenda, minutes of meeting and action plan.
  • Properly assign resources for the quality management system
  • Ensure management system effectiveness and continual improvement
  • Control records of decisions and outputs
  • Remain on top of the quality management system status
  • Know at a glance where improvements are needed

Effivity makes it easy to record your activities to assess the effectiveness of your quality management system and to provide resources for maintenance and improvements. Make it easy for top management to stay involved with Effivity.

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