HSE Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation

The HSE Key Performance Indicator (KPI) module allows an organisation to define and monitor improvement opportunities that present themselves. These opportunities could be to improve products, services or even internal processes. Capitalising on these opportunities allows an organisation to improve continuously, leading to improved profits and customer service.

When implementing an HSE system, various items need to be inspected on a regular basis. A few examples of this would be fire extinguishers, site safety compliance and PPE. This module allows the organisation to define a checklist including details of the inspections to be carried out, to ensure that the inspections are done uniformly and to the required standard.

Once checklists have been defined, the organisation can use this module to keep track of the actual inspections done and the result of those inspections. If any Non-Conformances are identified during the inspection, these can also be captured to ensure they are addressed. The Performance Evaluation module of Effivity ensures you meet all these requirements in an effective, efficient and simple manner. The steps below list the capabilities of this module and show how to comply with the requirements relevant to this clause.

  1. View a snapshot of your EMS performance through a comprehensive department-wide and process-wise data analysis.
  2. Identify Key Performance Indicators and monitoring frequency.
  3. Use auto-notification reminders to capture data against established KPIs.
  4. Graphical analysis of achievement and completion of KPIs is available.
  5. Create HSE inspection checklists.
  6. Capture HSE inspection data and review results. In case of any deviation observed during HSE inspection, initiate non-conformance process.

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The comprehensive capabilities of this module enable all requirements of the context of the organisation clause to be addressed in a quick and simplified manner while ensuring 100% compliance with the ISO 14000:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 HSE standard. Contact us at info@effivity.com for further information, or visit ISOCertification/Register.htm to subscribe to our award winning HSE inspection software.

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