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Improving customer satisfaction is reliant on your ability to deliver products and services that meet customer requirements and managing this process can be crucial in your ongoing business relationships. From a customer’s first enquiry to delivery of the product or service, you need to accurately maintain the requirements necessary to ensure your customer gets what they need. By maintaining accurate records of your discussions and decisions you can avoid problems later if a decision is forgotten.

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With Effivity you have the ability to be fully up to date on all customer requirements to ensure that processes are focused on delivering the correct products and services that your customers require. When requirements by customer the process requirements can be easily updated so information is not lost.

Ensure better customer satisfaction by using Effivity customer requirements software to:

  • Capture business opportunities, enquiries and lead for your business.
  • Capture followup to the business opportunities.
  • Manage status and lead ratings.
  • Conduct pre-contract review and internal evaluation of the enquiries.
  • Ensure accurate customer requirements are known and communicated
  • Keep process requirements aligned with customer requirements
  • Track customer requirement changes to avoid lost information
  • Secure funding changes through change of scope control
  • Enable employees to focus on meeting customer needs

Effivity makes it easy to maintain accurate records of customer requirements so you can focus your resources on meeting customer needs rather than spending time trying to figure out what needs to be done. Always stay abreast of the current requirements for your project with Effivity.

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