Emergency Response Preparedness
Planning & Response

When an environment or occupational health & safety incident happens, it is too late to decide what to do, which is why having plans in place for emergency response is critical to maintain your HSE performance. Sometimes an incident will occur but having a plan ready to address the problem and prevent environmental damage is the key to making sure that any environmental incident does not cause large scale environmental problems.

However, in order for your plans to be effective they need to be readily available to the right people at the right time so that action can be taken quickly. As well as being available, these emergency response plans need to be up to date and accurate, so having a system in place to ensure that your emergency planning is routinely reviewed is critical.

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With Effivity you have the ability to not only create and store your emergency plans, but also to track their upkeep and record the outcome of any completed testing.

Effivity allows you to implement, maintain, test and improve emergency response plans by:

  • Centrally storing all emergency plans for quick and easy access in an emergency
  • Tracking completed testing to assess the readiness of emergency responses
  • Ensuring updates required are not forgotten or delayed
  • Standardizing the testing of your emergency response plans
  • Tracking when and where you have used your emergency response plans
  • Monitoring the need to update plans if situations change
  • Controlling the changes to emergency response plans
  • Helping you to be audit ready with all records of updates and testing of emergency plans

Effivity allows you to rest easy in the knowledge that your emergency preparation is up to date, properly tested, and is available to the right people at the right time when needed. This allows you to ensure that any HSE incident will be properly addressed before it becomes a disaster.

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