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Effivity is a QMS software that delivers a simple, easy, employee-friendly, integrated, customizable, optimized, paperless and comprehensive Quality Management System.

Effivity QMS software automates Implementation of a quality management system based on ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 13485:2016 / ISO 22716:2012 / ISO 17025:2005 / ISO 17020:2012 / IATF 16949:2016 / AS 9100:2016 Rev. D standards.

QMS automation decision must be a strategic initiative and the electronic quality management system (QMS) must merge seamlessly with the existing business processes of the organisation including other software applications to satisfy the needs and expectations of all interested parties including customers, suppliers, employees, regulatory bodies, and others.

The Effivity – QMS software enables organizations to plan, implement, evaluate, maintain and improve their QMS digitally. Effivity is a comprehensive governance – risk - compliance management software that helps simplify, automate and enhance the quality and compliance management activities across the organisation in a coordinated manner.

Effivity is recognized as one of the best enterprise quality management software solutions in numerous independent surveys and reviews covering customer satisfaction, simplicity, ease of deployment, comprehensive coverage of various requirements, support and value for money. Effivity is available with 2 deployment options: on cloud and on-premise installation.

Electronic QMS software by Effivity is available off the shelf and can be configured in as little as 10 minutes resulting in a paperless quality management system. Effivity provides a futuristic, modern, and scalable software platform equally useful for small business, medium size companies to global multinational corporations. This This means when your business expands, you need not spend time, money & efforts to change to a new software but Effivity is growth ready. It grows with you. Effivity is the best way to manage, track and implement the ISO 9001:2015 standard in your business and organisation and can be used as ISO 9001 QMS software.

A Simple, Time Saving, Effective, Efficient, User Friendly, Collaborative, Automated and Always Audit Ready Quality Management System with Effivity QMS software.

QMS software

is a leading Quality Management System automation software application that can help an organization plan, design, develop, implement, monitor and improve performance of various business processes of the organization while ensuring consistency, assurance, customer satisfaction and better risk management.

What is the QMS Software?

QMS software is an automated application for an electronic Quality Management System. QMS software to automate business processes, ensure electronic document control system, manage manuals/policy/procedures, digitize objectives/KPI/performance management, manage internal audits, non-conformities, inspections, and customer complaints. As per Wikipedia, global QMS software rating agencies and quality experts, a good QMS software must be configurable, offer API integration, provide a real-time dashboard, developed on a low-code/zero-code platform, scalable, employee-friendly, must enable customization of workflow/forms/approvals/fields and ensure custom notifications. Free Quality Management Software offers a 30-days trial access and is one of the best QMS software for the manufacturing industry, QMS software for the pharmaceutical industry. Free QMS software for small business provides an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the quality management software before a paid subscription. QMS software by Effivity offers several benefits as below:

  1. Easy to set up – go live in a few hours
  2. Simple to use – a quick learning curve
  3. Low cost – QMS Software cost for a paid subscription starts as low as 1 US $ per day per user
  4. 24 x 7 support – dedicated QMS experts to help you when you need
  5. Multiple ISO standards – use as ISO 9001 software, ISO 22716 software, AS 9100 software, IATF 16949 software and GMP software

Effivity is the best QMS software in Singapore, Australia, India, Saudi Arabia, USA, South Africa & Europe. Send us an email at info@effivity.com for a free trial subscription of the best Quality Management Software in the United States of America.

Effivity – QMS software, your sure shot key to success

Process standardization, consistent output quality and a customer-oriented approach are mandatory components of any successful business or organisation. Your customers, clients, stakeholders and channel partners need to have confidence in your processes, products, services and project quality. This can all be achieved through a robust quality management system. Since the complexity of business processes and traditional methods of quality management system compliance may result in a poorly defined QMS, the resultant benefits may not be evident.

Effivity addresses these problems by providing robust, globally proven and effective quality management software and ISO 9001 software to implement and address the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard in the most comprehensive manner. Apart from ISO 9001:2015 compliance, Effivity QMS can be used for compliance with other standards like ISO 13485, AS 9100 D, ISO 17025, ISO 17020, IATF 16949, ISO 22716, and others.

Effivity - QMS becomes an integral part of your business and organisation in implementation, maintenance and achievement of QMS compliance and certification. This integration allows you to manage your business, compliance obligations, processes, risks, deviations, customer requirements and standards effectively. Our workflow driven ISO 9001 QMS software ensures compliance management and corporate governance in your organisation.

As the focus on quality management increases worldwide, you can’t ignore it. QMS compliance and certification gives you visibility and control. Therefore, you need a software that aligns with your organisation, is easy to use and offers you control, reporting and documentation control capabilities.

Effivity QMS software offers a comprehensive set of tools, modules, features and capabilities to help you manage your quality management system easily, effectively and efficiently. This powerful solution not only helps you benchmark your QMS with the best practices in the world but also helps your organisation pass the most stringent quality standards and audits of various certification bodies. Effivity users and clients have successfully been audited and certified by the best of the certification bodies including BV, BSI, TUV, SGS, LRQA and DNV amongst others, having multiple accreditations such as UKAS, ANAB, DAR, JAS-ANZ, NABCB, DAC and others.

ISO 9001 modules covered by Effivity QMS

Our software covers all the modules that are required to implement, certify and maintain an effective QMS for meeting the requirements of various standards like ISO 9001, ISO 13485, AS 9100 D, ISO 17025, ISO 17020, IATF 16949, ISO 22716 and others.


Manage your communication policies with this module for effective online and offline communication. This communication policy can apply to any component of your QMS, covering sales, customer communication, supplier communication, interested party communication, employee communication, etc. Read More

Context of Organization

Manage the strategic alignment between your business and your ISO 9001 quality management system with this module. Define and manage internal issues, external issues, interested parties and related risks and opportunities with this module. Read More

Risk and Opportunity

Manage risk and opportunity for your quality management system and your organisation in this module. A super-efficient and collaborative way to manage risks and ensure the organisation is better prepared to face the market dynamics of the future. This module is your central repository for all risks and opportunities. Identify, review, mitigate and control your business risks, QMS risks and organisational risks in this module. Read More

Human Resources

Manage all your human resources related compliance requirements in this module including ISO standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 45001, ISO 13485, AS 9100 D, ISO 17025, ISO 17020, IATF 16949, ISO 22716, etc. Define your organisational structure by creating roles, departments, designations and employees. Define roles, responsibilities, authorities and minimum and/or ideal competence. Manage competence analysis and training Read More


Manage your sales, marketing, business development and customer related processes with the Marketing module. You can establish a simple CRM to capture, follow-up and track enquiries, leads and business opportunities in this module along with contract reviews and go-no-go analysis, etc. Automate customer feedback and satisfaction processes with the exceptional capabilities of this module while managing customer complaints in a super-efficient manner. Read More

Design and Development

Planning, executing and managing a design and development project is a complex and strategically very important activity. Effivity partners with your design and development and R and D teams for a unified approach in design and development management and documentation. Create design teams, design projects and design plans with this module. Effivity allows you to manage design input, design controls (review, verification, validation), design output and design changes in a collaborative manner to enhance efficiency in your design and development process. Read More


A dollar saved is a dollar earned. Optimize your purchasing processes with this module of Effivity for supplier selection, evaluation, approval, re-evaluation and other functions. You can manage and control outsourced processes in this module. Purchase orders can be captured for use with the incoming Inspection module. Automatic reminders for supplier re-evaluation due dates ensure you never miss an upcoming task. Manage your suppliers and external providers in the most effective manner. Bring synergy to your purchasing process with Effivity. Read More


Failure to plan is a plan for failure. Effivity ensures you plan your operations at the macro and execution levels. The Operations module of Effivity makes implementation of processes a breeze. You can define operational planning and execution plans, create standard operating procedures (SOPs) and manage process validation for special processes here. You can even manage customer and/or supplier owned property and create internal work orders in this module.

The Asset Management module lets you manage equipment and assets and their calibration, preventive maintenance and breakdown maintenance effectively. Use our KPI module to identify, define, plan and track key performance indicators in your organisation. Changes are initiated, reviewed, approved and managed with the simple to use but highly agile and effective Change Management module offered by Effivity. Read More

Policy & Objectives

Create a synergy between your vision, mission and strategic direction of your organisation and the intended outcome of your QMS by defining your quality policy and quality objectives. Effivity lets organisations create policies and get them approved, published and communicated to users. Organisation, department and process level quality objectives which are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound can be established in this module. Once quality objectives are approved, a detailed plan for objective achievement can be created and performance can be tracked and monitored regularly with Effivity. Read More


Planning for product, service and project quality is critical and Effivity makes this critical process user friendly and value adding. Use Effivity to plan your inspection and quality control and assurance activities. Users can define incoming inspection quality plans, in process inspection quality plans and final inspection quality plan. This acts as a checklist of inspection guidelines when performing any inspection or quality control activities in the organisation. Using purchase and work orders as benchmarks, any incoming inspection, in process inspection and final inspection records can be captured. Any deviations or product and service non-conformities can be captured in the same screen that contains inspection records as well which adds to user convenience and resource optimization. Managing inspections is simpler, collaborative and easier when you take control of your quality inspections with Effivity. Read More

Documented information

Control of documents and records is referred to as documented information in the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Effivity provides an integrated and collaborative platform to enable organisations to manage their documented information effectively and easily in real time. Users can create documents using one of the 3 available options and send them for approval. Post approval, Effivity assigns an automatic unique document number to each document. A central repository of documents ensures all authorized users can access the documents from any location at any time. A robust change management process ensures users can initiate a change request for review, approval, rejection or revision with comments. Upon approval, revision numbers are assigned in auto increments and old documents are archived automatically. This ensures availability of the most recent and current version of the document to all users, which results in efficient document control. Documents of external origin can also be managed with Effivity. Manage your documents and records effectively with Effivity. Read More


Process deviations, product and service related problems, customer complaints, deviations from compliance obligations, customer requirements and ISO standard, etc. if not managed effectively will have a long term negative impact on profitability and business continuity of the organisation. Effivity ensures you have a robust platform to manage all types of non-conformities with our most popular Non-Conformance module. A central repository of non-conformities provides comprehensive insights into the various non-conformities identified in the organisation.

A new non-conformity can be created and assigned to a user in this module. Capture corrections, root cause analysis, corrective actions and effectiveness evaluation of corrective actions; you can then close the non-conformity with this module. You can also define criticality of the non-conformity and costs if any associated with resolution. The access control feature ensures only authorized people have access to the non-conformities. Dashboards provide real time data analysis and statistical evaluation of non-conformities across various parameters. Managing non-conformities was never easier and effective than with Effivity. Read More

Internal audit

Internal audits, when planned, executed and managed effectively, can be one of the best continual improvement tools for your organisation. Use Effivity to add value to your internal auditing process by making your ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485, ISO 22716, AS 9100 D, ISO 17025, ISO 17020, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 45001 internal audits collaborative, value adding and user friendly.

You can create your master internal audit plan and drill the master audit plan to a micro level audit schedule by defining department, process, auditor, auditee, location, date and time. Create your own internal audit checklists or use our pre-configured checklists provided free with your Effivity subscription to ensure a comprehensive audit. Effivity lets an auditor use this checklist during the audit itself if required or an audit report can be directly generated. Internal audit non-conformities observed during the audit can be logged from the same screen and assigned to an auditee. Add value to your internal audit process with Effivity. Read More

Management Review

Management Reviews offer a fantastic platform for an organisation to determine its continuing suitability, adequacy, effectiveness and alignment with the strategic direction of the organisation. Management Reviews also demonstrate involvement of top management and other employees in the establishment and maintenance of a quality management system. Use the Management Review module of Effivity to schedule a management review, determine an agenda, invite participants, record meeting minutes and create an action plan. You can track the progress against the action plan and ensure management review input and output are effectively managed. Read More

Optimize your QHSE Compliance

Understand how Effivity can help you save more money, time and resources.

Why Effivity – QMS is your best choice for ISO 9001 implementation, maintenance and certification

  • Create a synergy between your organisation and your QMS.
  • Globally benchmarked processes and modules enable you to manage your processes, risks and customer satisfaction in the most effective manner.
  • Address 100% of the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 QMS and get ISO 9001 certified as fast as possible.
  • Effivity speaks your language. Implement your QMS with our multilingual ISO 9001 QMS software available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Arabic.
  • We make the process cost-effective with affordable and competitive prices. Pay per user. No initial IT infrastructure expenses required if you opt for our cloud-based deployment option.
  • Effivity - QMS is the only ISO 9001 implementation software that offers much more than what you ever expected from a typical QMS module. It is designed and developed by seasoned ISO specialists who have implemented it across numerous industries over the last 3 decades.
  • As everything is electronic, you don't have to struggle with piles of papers. A smart way of implementing ISO 9001 indeed.
  • Cloud-based technology increases accessibility, reliability and cost efficiency.
  • User friendly interfaces for everyone.
  • Our approach is technology driven. Manage complete process documentation, complying with international benchmarks.
  • We reduce the costs and time required to achieve certification and maintain ongoing compliance.
  • Manage compliance effortlessly, easily and in real time post certification.
  • Our backend team is available to you 24/7 to assist and manage anything relating to process documentation, standardization, audit and compliance.

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