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Continued success of the organization depends on competence of employees. Identification of a minimum level of benchmarked education, experience, skills and ability required for a person to perform effectively is critical to initiate the competence management. Once ideal or minimum competence levels are identified, the organization is expected to map existing & current competence of all the employees with the ideal competence.

Using Effivity, user can identify competence levels and gaps in competence. This can further be used for training and competence enhancements.

Not everything can be documented; some processes just need a certain level of competence that can’t be obtained by simply reading a procedure document. That is why it is important to identify the competencies required for your processes so you can ensure your employees have the necessary skills and abilities to successfully perform your processes. You can identify when additional skills are required by employees and plan for training to provide the necessary competence for better process outcomes. Managing process competencies as well as training plans and outcomes is simple with Effivity.

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Simple competence management

With Effivity you have the ability to link your identified process competencies with your employee competency assessments for easy assessment of competence gaps. You can then plan training and record training completion within the employee competence module for a closed loop system that makes it easy to know your process requirements are fulfilled.

Use Effivity to manage employee competence requirements by:

  • Identifying process competencies for easy evaluation
  • Reviewing employee competence against process requirements
  • Planning and arranging training to bridge competence gaps
  • Tracking training to completion and updating employee skills
  • Maintaining centralized data for all competence information
  • See at a glance the opportunities for competency improvement

Effivity takes the hassle out of managing your employee competence by linking all of your data in one place for easy comparison. No more flipping between two systems to compare process needs and employee skills. Effivity gives you the information you need at a glance.

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